Recently I’ve finished this painting:

Painting "The Idea"


Thought I’d show how I came up with the pattern on the background. I created a bunch of random Rorschach-type ink blots using acrylic paint on paper:

Inkblot patterns


Of the many patterns I chose one that I thought could work, took a photo of it and brought it into Adobe Illustrator to clean it up. If you don’t have Illustrator you could clean it up by hand as well. Here was my initial ink blot:

Single ink blot pattern


And here’s the cleaned up pattern, with some slight modifications:

Cleaned up pattern.

Next, I printed the image onto a sheet of vellum and cut it out with a razor, creating a stencil. The final step was to determine the spacing of the pattern and stencil it in.

The final stencil created from the ink blot pattern.


This is by no means complex or original, but hopefully it’ll give you some ideas.


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  • Brandon Bouldin on Jun 13, 2012

    That is a cool idea with the inkblots. Never thought of that. I have used the vellum to do stecils though. Buying stencils online can be expensive.